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New hot spots on Huaihai Road and it’s called Nike run club. Coordinating Asia has just completed the latest Nike running experience station project, located in front of Shanghai Grand Times Square, where Asia’s top fashion Lane Crawford shopping center is located. 

Running at the promotion of Nike running clubs, runners also provide a temporary sports center for runners during this cold winter. At this community experience center, everyone is a runner—bringing people together to improve running skills. , Discover the new look of the city through running.

Something new has been spotted on Huaihai Road. COORDINATION ASIA just completed the newest running hubs for Nike run club at Shanghai’s Times Square, home to Asia’s trendsetting department store Lane Crawford. The hub provides gym pop-up services for runners during the chillier months while promoting the Nike Run Club, a community that finds the runner in everyone – bringing together people to hone their skills and explore their city through running.

In this cold season, runners can devote themselves to a fully equipped futuristic style experience center. The hexagonal structure combines a dynamic media decorative surface and a running area in a semi-independent space to create a kaleidoscopic indoor effect. When runners are in it, their exercise data on the treadmill will be displayed on the indoor and outdoor screens. Participate in training courses with professional coaches and live a healthy life. Just Do It Sunday experience is to experience the station. Fans wishing to participate can register for an appointment in advance through the official website or make reservations at the on-site information station. The design of the information station and the experience station is in continuous line and echoes.

This spring, runners can kick themselves into high gear with a full-fledged experience located inside an extraterrestrial setting. The hexagonal structure with dynamic media surfaces houses treadmills in pod-like sections, creating a kaleidoscopic interior. As runners get in the zone, their Performance stats are displayed on screens both inside and outside. Training sessions with professionals, tech demos, and healthy living Just Do it Sunday all take place in the hub. Those who want to participate can participate in pre-register online or sign in at the separate information Hub nearby, also designed in a similar stealth craft style.

Nike Run Club


As an example of the power that is closely linked to the brand, the Nike Running Club on Huaihai Road is a unique experience designed for runners that combines personality, community, and activities.

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