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Nike Shoes Customer Service

Nike shoes customer service

In the Spirit of the NBA Playoffs, this time we’ll be looking at the Twitter experiences of Nike Shoes Customer Service, as the benchmark for excellence.

Nike Shoes Customer Service

As an overview, Nike has a variety of Twitter handles, each one dedicated to the specific sub-brand (@nikegolf, @nikefootball, etc.).  These Twitter handles appear to be primarily dedicated to PR.  However, the Twitter handle @nikestore is where the customer care interaction is.  As you read through the following exchange, I’m curious to know how you like it.  It’s not others, but does it need to be?

Nike is a brand that’s markedly different from other brands.  I would suggest that Nike’s customer care “voice” is consistent with the brand.  They give accurate information and are pretty cool about it.  On the other hand, they seem to lack the spontaneous shout-outs that are omnipresent in other brands.  Perhaps this is because tweets tend to be less personal.  Opportunities include being a little nicer, as well as following the Comcast and Expedia models of taking care of the customer when and how the customer needs to be taken care of, rather than sending them someplace else.

A note here:  I would be remiss if I didn’t mention how beautifully Nike shoes customer service’s Twitter presence is augmented by an ultra cool web 2.0 website, complete with Twitter feeds posted for certain Nike sub-brands.  Check it out if you haven’t already.

A great brand maintains Metz, stands for something. “It expresses a passionate reason for the existence of the company that connects with a belief on the side of the consumer. At its best, the brand (through its products) allows the consumer to express that belief to the world, while simultaneously solving a real problem or need.” Nike gets this right. Their belief in the product is unwavering.

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