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Students become independent consumers for the first time when they go to university so brands that communicate with them in the right way stand to forge long-term relationships with this hard to reach group using Nike unidays.

Connecting with the Gen Z consumer – a ferociously independent group of marketing savvy digital natives – remains a challenge for any brand keen to establish a genuine connection that lasts longer than a single transaction.

Nike Unidays

Nike Unidays claims it has the answer to help brands create long-term loyalty with a young consumer base. Positioned as a student affinity network, Nike unidays partners with brands to offer student-specific discounts on fashion, beauty, food and drink, technology and fitness. The company gets paid when it drives a sale or engagement for a brand.

“First and foremost students represent the longest lifetime value of any consumer group because you’ve got all that time to come. Data points also suggest that around the first 100 days of being a student they’re typically spending £3,000, which is huge spending power not just now, but absolutely into the future.”

Working with more than 600 brands including Apple, Asos and Nike, Unidays positions itself as a simple route to market for their student-focused campaigns.

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