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Nike vs Adidas, which one do you wear now?

nike vs adidas

Choose between Nike vs Adidas. Which one do you prefer?

This issue has to be placed in the past few years and it seems to be unthinkable. The conclusion is obvious: Nike wins. But now to ask you this question, most people may have to tangled up to speak the final answer. Seeing nearly half of 2017, what are the two oligarchs in the sports field who are leading? Today we will discuss with you through a series of examples.

From the perspective of market share, Nike is still the undisputed sports brand No.1

Nike vs Adidas

According to data provided by Deutsche Bank in March this year, Nike’s sales in the field of shoes dropped by 8% year-on-year, but it is still in a controversial lead in North America, with a market share of about 55%; however, adidas’ momentum is increasing rapidly year-on-year. 84% have already had 11% market share in North America. If you only look at the percentage, it is clear that Nike’s position is still unable to shake in a short time, but the adidas’s data is beautiful and incredible, and has great potential.

Nike vs Adidas

In an interview with Bloomberg, adidas CEO Kasper Rorsted said that he was pleased with the gains, but was “not satisfied” with adidas’ current position in the United States. He hopes that he can continue to expand his market share in the United States and express strong confidence. Kasper Rorsted reveals strong confidence in both his tone and his eyes when he says these words, as if it weren’t a prediction, but it must have occurred.

Nike vs Adidas2


Then adjust the time to May 4. Adidas announced a 36% and 30% sales increase in North America and China, respectively, and still demonstrated strong momentum. Adidas can now boast of its outstanding achievements, thanks to its investment in product research and development in recent years, and its multiple marketing strategies. Although Nike’s gains were slow, sales rose only 3% in March’s earnings report, but profit growth was still as high as 24%. This also reflects the inevitable result of Nike’s broadening of the market in a certain way, which is to maintain a solid profit. Try to seek new breakthroughs.

In the 2017 brand ranking released by the authorized agency Forbes, Nike ranked 16th in the world with a market value of 29.6 billion U.S. dollars and adidas ranked 75th with a market value of 7.9 billion U.S. dollars. From the visual data, Nike is still far ahead of adidas, and in the short term adidas is not easy if you want to catch up with Nike from the market value.

The competition between Nike vs Adidas is largely reflected in our familiar footwear field. For the vast majority of Sneakerhead, Nike vs adidas shoes are naturally the first choice. We dream of having a Nike MAG like this, and we will take great pains for Yeezy Boost. Everyone likes good shoes. When it comes to good shoes, it’s a good idea to take a look at the best selling shoe market.

Nike vs Adidas


In the first quarter of the 2017 Sneakers Market, Nike ranked 8th in the list of top ten price lists, adidas only had two pairs of Yeezy Boost 350 V2, of which “White Zebra” was ranked 4th, and Black White was ranked No. 10. It looks like adidas is a bit outnumbered? Don’t worry, keep looking down.

The above figure is also from the first quarter, and more intuitively reflects the buyer’s market direction. According to StockX’s data, the Yeezy Boost 350 V2 “White Zebra” took the top spot with a total of more than 1.59 million US dollars for trading, which is more than 20 times the number of the atmos x Nike Jordan suit at the 10th place. Of the top 10 most consumed shoes, adidas had six seats, of which the first five were Air Jordan XII, and the rest were all adidas.

The comparison of the two figures reflects a very interesting phenomenon. The high price limit shall be the laws of nature, such as beyond KAWS x Air Jordan IV’s Air Jordan XXX1 Gold All-Star models, many of my friends have never seen, that is, we often say that the scarcity value; but from the real public In the consumer market, adidas will be more popular. If you take a closer look, you will find that all the popular adidas models are based on BOOST, which leads to the next topic:

The technology foundation of Nike and adidas

Back in the 80s of last century, adidas led the trend with Superstar, and Nike had no shortage of classics such as Air Force 1. With the addition of technological elements, both of them also developed more representative technologies, Nike’s Air cushion units and adidas. BOOST outsole. Nike Air VaporMax was born this year and used an incredible simplicity to combine the air-cushion unit with the shoe body. Once again, it left a deep impression on the Sneaker process. In addition, Nike MAG and HyperAdapt 1.0 with automatic shoelaces are full of technical sense. .

Adidas insists on doing articles on BOOST technology. In addition to the heated Yeezy Boost series, Ultra Boost, NMD and a variety of other options are also popular in the shoe market; in addition, the Futurecraft series developed will also rewrite the history of Sneaker manufacturing. Adidas expressed his desire to re-copy Stan Smith’s success. In view of the current situation, BOOST definitely has such strength. Since both Nike and adidas already have enough technical support and are still constantly researching and developing, the rest is to cause more gimmicks on this basis.

The fashion empire built around “jointness”

In recent years, Nike vs adidas have continued to extend their reach into fashion trends. Some people have also raised doubts that they are no longer pure sports brands, but adidas CEO Kasper Rorsted thinks: “They are both fashionable casual sports brands.”

As we all know, Nike vs adidas have established their own fashion branches, and are still constantly expanding their forces. For example, Nike camp is full of Riccardo Tisci, Takahashi Dun and other designers, there are fashion representatives COMME des GARÇONS and the street emperor Supreme; adidas also has the backbone of Raf Simons, Stella McCartney, in addition to the Y-3 Yoshimoto founded the Y-3 The high-end fashion sports branch and the street sector have drawn PALACE. Both parties are almost identical.

In addition to the above-mentioned relatively fixed roles, Kanye West, another key figure, left Nike to join the adidas camp, which also made this confrontation a significant change. Grandfather has greater design freedom after entering the adidas. The Yeezy Boost model is far more than the previous Air Yeezy series, and the adidas will continue to cooperate with Grandpa in more depth, planning to launch exclusive YEEZY feeders or even stores. Although the future is unpredictable, the influence of Grandpa on the trend has so far played a significant role.

Another leading figure is the Philippine director Pharrell Williams. Pharrell’s role in music and fashion is even more important, and he is much older than Grandpa’s adidas, so any shoes that adidas promotes at different stages will work together with Pharrell to bring a more personal series. Some people even say that Pharrell’s role in the rise of adidas is more important than Grandpa.

Nike has realized the possibility of being overtaken by adidas in the trend, so not only has this year continued cooperation with the hot street unit VLONE, but also draws together graffiti artist KAWS and OFF-WHITE designer Virgil Abloh, the air jointly designed by the former Jordan IV broke the five-digit price, and the latter prepared ten pairs of fairly subversive joint shoes in one breath. The purpose of this is undoubtedly to be able to confront YEEZY in the trend field. Nike’s cooperation with VLONE and KAWS has been a perfect result, and the potential for planning with OFF-WHITE is almost inestimable.

In fact, in addition to YEEZY, adidas’s approach to Gosha Rubchinskiy has also attracted considerable attention. The vastness of Russia belongs to an area rarely involved in fashion or fashion, but Gosha Rubchinskiy, the representative of Moscow, has broken this silence. From the point of view of football, adidas has staged a wonderful show. From this point of view, adidas is very effective in getting closer to youth culture.


Nike leads the field of basketball and adidas sit on the football pitch

In-depth cooperation of fashion trends is important, but in the end, the foundation of Nike vs adidas is still in the sports field, so this is the real “main battlefield”. Focus first on Nike’s home base: the United States. After the end of the NBA season, the official sponsor will be adidas officially changed hands Nike, plus the NFL football league, Nike has become absolutely dominant in the United States, which is the reason for the market share of more than 50%; today scored in the playoffs Jordan’s James, as well as the Western champions Warriors scoring arrow Durant and other stars are Nike’s athletes. In addition, the Breaking2 marathon plan that rewritten history not long ago is also a human limit that Nike has led.

Obviously, adidas is not yet able to rapidly transform its huge potential into market share in the United States. However, if we look at the world’s largest sport, football, it is another scene. In the upcoming UEFA Champions League final, both warring sides Juventus and Real Madrid are adidas sponsors. What’s even more interesting is that the sponsors of Barcelona and Atletico Madrid that were eliminated by the aforementioned two teams happened to be Nike, a certain To a certain extent, this is also a success of adidas. In addition, the 2017 Bundesliga champions Bayern Munich and the Premier League champion Chelsea are also sponsored by adidas. In the 2017 European five major leagues, adidas may sneak four championship teams and take the lead.

Nike vs adidas each divided up major sports such as basketball and football, and the contest on the field continued.

As stated at the beginning, Nike’s market value is far beyond adidas, in this fight Nike vs adidas but for ordinary consumers such as us, when buying shoes to buy clothes, they will consider: “The market value of Nike is more than 20 billion, so I still buy Nike more noble. “Yeezy Boost is handsome, but adidas’ market value is even less than a third of Nike’s. I still don’t buy it…” These rich inner feelings are obviously not going to happen… We only consider what we like more.

The competitive relationship between Nike vs adidas is incomparable to any previous era. Both parties have come and gone. They have created a huge system to build. From each pair of shoes to a special plan, they can find similar comparisons from each other. point. But to say who is more popular now, more people may be willing to vote for adidas.

Nike is still one of the undisputed sports brands in terms of data, but adidas has rapidly emerged. Between Nike vs adidas I do not know if everyone has noticed that fashion and fashion brands have gradually “emerged” in recent years, that is, they are moving closer to the subculture. This point adidas occupy an inherent advantage, rooted in Europe, and more closely linked with youth culture.

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